We’re sorry to hear that our Balancing Skin Concentrate hasn’t been working for you and as we’re keepers of our word, we’d like to offer you your money back.

If you’ve been following our 28 day programme & seen no improvement just follow these steps:

  1. Simply complete and print out the form on this page.
  2. Attach your valid receipt for your Balancing Skin Concentrate purchase.
  3. Send the completed form & original purchase receipt along with the whole outer packaging including Balancing Skin Bottle to the below address:

    YourGoodSkin MBG, C/O VCG PromoRisk, 605 North Michigan Ave, 4th Floor, Chicago IL 60611 YGS

  4. Please ensure you have read the full Terms & Conditions.

On receipt of the form with a valid receipt & original product, a cheque to the value of that shown on the receipt will be sent to the postal address provided.

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