Adding certain foods to your diet can help improve the overall quality of your skin. Take a look at our recomendations

The Food that Skin Loves

Written by – Emma Gunavardhana (Independent Beauty Journalist)

We know that topical treatments and skincare have an effect on how our complexion looks and feels and as you’re at the end of your 28 trial you’ll have seen quite what an impact the combination of carefully selected ingredients in YourGoodSkin can have. It’s also worth bearing in mind that what you eat can have an affect on how your skin not only looks, but also feels.


Who doesn’t like to start the day with a hot drink to get them going? And while you may have a regular coffee order that’s a sure-fire ‘perk you up’ habit it might be worth switching to green tea if you want healthier skin. You may shudder at the thought of giving up your ‘java jolt’ in the morning, but green tea contains around half the caffeine of coffee so it still packs an energising hit without giving you the jitters.


Nuts tend to contain vitamin E, copper, magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are known to support skin health and function.


There’s good reason to sprinkle a few of these fruity jewels on your food because these tangy pips are high in essential fatty acids.


By cocoa we mean chocolate, but by chocolate we don’t mean slabs of creamy confection that melt in the mouth. If you want to get all the goodness that cocoa can deliver then we’re talking about a couple of squares of 70% cocoa every day.


Increasing your intake of green and yellow vegetables is an excellent tactic in the fight against ageing. Also, if you want to increase your vitamin C intake then put down the oranges and pick up a pepper or two as they contain double the amount of the vitamin that crucial for supporting the skin’s formation of collagen - that’s the skin’s scaffolding.


It might be a less tantalising alternative to a fry-up, but it could actually have a very positive impact on your skin in the long-term. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast won’t cause your blood sugar to spike, unlike sugary or fat-laden breakfast choices, because the body takes longer to break it down.


It might be messy to prepare, but beetroot is a real star in terms of what it can do for your skin. It’s rich in Vitamin A, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E, which are all vital for skin health and has a huge impact on how it looks.